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blips on a screen

"Writing successful scifaiku is more difficult than it might seem and Joshua Gage does it masterfully.  His award-winning background in haiku and senryu gives him the ability to transmit a lot of information in short, perfectly-formed lines, without clumsiness or obscurity.  Some of these poems have a grounding in our world, which helps the reader understand and relate to the alien world described.  Others convey, in awe-dropping brevity, a planet/moon/speculative situation we can believe in without experiencing it ourselves.  Reading “blips on a screen” will move you and take you on a journey of discovery you will never forget."

— Deborah P Kolodji,

      Haiku Society of America California Regional Coordinator,
      Former President of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association

ISBN: 978-1-7350257-1-1
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