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"Dewdrop World is a moving collection that brings the reader both the darkness of our inner voices and the light of quiet and gratitude. Orrin PreJean reminds us that great senryu is both gripingly, instantly modern, and enduringly timeless in the same breath. Many flowers grow on these pages, bathed in this light." 

— B. A. France

author of Season's End

"A dewdrop, like a convex mirror, can reflect the world around it.  Similarly, Orrin PreJean’s Dewdrop World reflects the many aspects of the poet as a man. Gay, black, religious, and thoughtful, PreJean opens his world to us in this excellent collection of one-line senryu.  From loneliness to casual sex, from silence to talking around the obvious, and from personal grief to social awareness, PreJean reveals many of his '365 faces.'  Juxtaposed against a community of haiku poets who write of cherry blossoms and sunsets, PreJean’s contemporary subject matter is a breath of fresh air. Dewdrop World is as original and insightful as its one-of-a-kind author."

— Dave Read

Dewdrop World by Orrin PreJean

SKU: 978-1-7350257-4-2
  • 978-1-7350257-4-2

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